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Small batch brewed in Nokomis, SK.

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Taproom opening May 2nd!


Summer Hours

Thursday to Sunday

12PM to 6PM



Taproom closed until April


301 1st Ave. East
Box 489
Nokomis, SK S0G 3R0


306  528  9910


About Us

Nokomis Craft Ales is a small-scale brewery located in the rural farming community of Nokomis, Saskatchewan. A culmination of vision, passion, hardscrabble determination, and generous support from the town, friends and family, we opened our doors in the summer of 2014. Initially a one-person operation in a garage sized facility, Nokomis Craft Ales has grown into a dedicated and talented team, following a number of piecemeal building expansions and equipment upgrades. Available throughout the province, our beer can be found on tap at a number of bars and restaurants, as well as on shelves in cans and bottles.


Nokomis’ renowned aquifer water and regionally grown barley lay the foundation of our beer. These elemental ingredients connect our beer to the place we brew and showcase the agricultural bounty of the area. In addition to cereal grain we also brew beers that incorporate Saskatchewan grown fruit and native plants.


Brewing both classic and contemporary craft styles, as well as mixed fermentation and historical beers, our focus has always been on quality, creativity and taking inspiration from a wide range of brewing traditions and local ingredients.

Our beers are on tap at the finest bars and restaurants, and also available in cans and bottles throughout the province.t me. It's easy.

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